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How it works

Start with the juice.

Your juice may be purchased in a variety of forms, PETE bottles as shown above, tetra or brick packs, cans or concentrates. The best way to start is with juice bottles like those above because you have a beautiful fresh sterile brew bottle to start with each time you brew.

Which juices work best?

Start with apple or grape. Any kind of apple, clear or cloudy. Any kind of grape, dark (red) or white). Economy of expensive, they will all produce excellent ciders and sparkling wines. The only thing you must be sure of is that your juice is preservative free.

Next, remove about a cup of juice from the bottle. This give you a bit of fermentation space. Add a measure of yeast. Half a cap of the yeast tube closure. Add to the juice and replace the juice bottle top wit the Oztop.

Ok, now shake the bottle a few times to aerate and dissolve the yeast. You can see the Oztop above, all closed up in the no pressure position. At this stage the relief valve is sealing the brew from the ingress of any unwanted microorganisims. Place your bottle in a warmish place. About 25 degrees C is a good place to start with both yeasts.

Within a 24 hour period, the fermentation should be off and running. Chech by squeezing the bottle. It should start to feel "pumped up". At 1-2 days the Oztops will start to open up, see below:

Notice the membrane forming a dome and opening. This is how the top works to maintain an even pressure in the bottle, allowing excess gas to escape.

 Oztops regulate the carbonation (fizz level) and at the same time stop bottles bursting, making the conversion of juice into sparkling wine much simpler and safer.

Here's a bottle showing some nice froth on the surface indicating a active fermentation.

Here's a graph that gives you an idea of what's happening in the bottle:

Basically as each day of fermentation progresses, you are converting more of the available sugar into alcohol. So your drinks will get stronger and drier as the days pass. To retard or stop a brew you refrigerate it. This gives you fantastic freedom to brew according to taste and regulate you brews to your preference of sweetness and alcohol strength.

  • The Oztop regulates the pressure and keeps the bottle sealed and safe during fermentation so you can brew according to your taste and not according to some rigid recipe.
  • The kit contains 8 of these Oztops, (each one is re-usable 50 times or more), comprising;
  • 4 Low Pressure (green label) Oztops: Makes spritzer style drinks. Use these on the standard 1, 2 and 3 litre p.e.t. juice bottle. They allow you to create sparkling drinks directly in the juice bottle,
  • 2 Medium Pressure (blue label) Oztops: Makes beer style drinks. Use these when you want a bit more fizz in your sparkling wine, ciders and sodas. These fit all standard soft drink or soda bottles, and,
  • 2 High Pressure (red label) Oztops: Use these when you want a Champagne style sparkling wine. These also fit all the standard soft drink/soda bottles.

 Next, the kit contains: 2 varieties of high quality wine yeast ( as used by Australia's top winemakers).

  • Oztops Wine Yeast No.1: Use this yeast all year round without worrying about temperatures. A vigorous, neutral flavoured wine yeast.
  • Oztops Wine Yeast No.2: This yeast is a bit more delicate, but contributes extra fruity flavours. You get both types in the kit, in total enough for about 75 litres of juice. .

Finally, to complete the kit, there are detailed instructions and recipes to have you enjoying delicious drinks in no time. With the Oztops Brew Kit you can...... Take almost any bottle, can, or tetra pack of juice off the shelf and turn it into delicious sparkling wine. Choose your level of alcohol from around 1% to about 15%.

All drinks are preservative free. Natural carbonation process.  You choose the flavours. You choose the style. No hydrometer needed, no calculations, no mess. Re -use your soft drink and juice bottles. With the Oztops kit you can be enjoying delicious, naturally carbonated drinks in as little as 36 hours from the start time. There is no mess or worry about bursting bottles, Oztops look after themselves, and the results are truly spectacular. You can choose to make your drinks as light (1% alcohol), or as strong (up to 15%) as you like. And because the drinks are based on fruit juice, you get the nutritional benefits of a healthier product, which is also preservative free.

Any Questions? Give us a click: oztops@oztops.com.au 

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