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Oztops Recipes

To begin, a few recipes and posts from Grumpy's discussion board in Adelaide, a great brew shop which has an alcohol license and restaurant. (www.grumpys.com.au)

We are always happy to answer questions: oztops@oztops.com.au

Ginger Beer:

750 g root ginger, 2 kg white sugar, one whole lemon chopped, one whole orange chopped, 2 cloves.

Place all ingredients in a large saucepan with two litres of water. Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Allow to cool. Strain liquour into bottles and keep this "ginger cordial" in fridge. Use it as a base  by diluting 1 to  3 with water, and fermenting as for juice.

Cider recipes:

Grumpy Thomas in Verdun:

My favourite is the apple/pear blend and apple with 100g
of light honey (sort of a cyser) in 2 litres.

I also let them sit in the fridge for 48 hours before enjoying,
this droips a lot of the yeast out and reduces the yeasty flavour.
It still has more of a yeast flavour then filtered commercial products
but then I'm very familiar with HB.

Ducatiboy Stu
Date: 07-04-05 20:30

Pure apple juice with a bit of dried malt in it and an Oztop
makes for one of the best ciders you can drink...


Date: 22-04-05 09:29

I have 2 x 3l Oztops going now used bi-lo homebrand juice + 50grm sugar,
tastes dam good and has desired efect: ie you fall over after consuming 3l.


Grumpy Thomas in Verdun
Date: 17-06-04 08:56

My preferred results with apple juice were 3-5 days at 20degC.
Even tastier (and with more zumbah!) was with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of honey
added to the bottle/fermenter, makes a tasty cyser. Even adding one clove
and/or a stick of cinnamon makes it subtly spiced.


Name: deebee - perth
Date: 18-06-04 11:07

I like the Berri 100% grape juice in coke bottles
with medium carbonation for about 4 days. 3 litres for about $4!!
Still sweet but with an edge to it. Low alcohol and easy mid-week drinking.
Like a light lambrusco.

Also cloudy apple juice low carbonation left for a week. Dry but not too dry.

Oztops lids are handy in brewing. Great for yeast starters. Another good trick
 is to tap off a bottle of wort from primary after pitching yeast, put on an oztops lid
 and leave it somewhere warm. After a week, the brew is done in primary and the
 bottle is fermented, carbonated and drinkable. It gives a reasonable idea of how
 the beer will turn out and you can judge whether and how to dry hop in secondary.


Grumpy Thomas in Verdun
Date: 10-07-05 17:35

Oztops are meant to be drunk partially fermented, if you ferment for too long
it will be bone dry and you may as well have done it in a regular fermenter.
Ferment for 3 days at 20*C then fridge for a day and try them. If too sweet
then let go for another day or 2 at 20*C.

Cyser works well with apple juice, add 100g to start with and work up from there.


Quick Brew Kit. Detailed Instructions: Introduction.

The Oztops Brew Kit is a simple, reliable way to brew carbonate drinks. It allows you to easily control two things:

1) the level of carbonation; by choosing a Low, Medium or High pressure Oztop..

2) the level of alcohol; by regulating fermentation time and stopping your brews by refrigeration.

Read these instructions right through. It may seem complicated but the whole process really only has a few simple steps:

  • 1) Select juice.
  • 2) Select bottle.
  • 3) Add wine yeast and cap the bottle with an Oztop.
  • 4) Ferment at room temperature.
  • 5) Estimate alcohol, start tasting on day 2 or 3, then refrigerate and ENJOY!

A couple of quick recipes to start:

Sparkling Grape (Lambrusco style)

Take 2 litres of dark grape juice purchased in the clear PET bottle.  Make sure it is preservative free and not refrigerated. Open the bottle and remove about 200 ml of juice. Dose with 2 measures of yeast. (see section 3 for yeast measurement) Replace original juice bottle cap with the green printed, Low pressure Oztop. Ferment at room temperature, 20 - 25 degrees C, for:

2 days for sweet sparkling , 3 - 4 days for medium, 4 - 6 days for a drier result.

Now refrigerate for one day at least before serving. More time in the fridge will produce greater clarity. Can be left for up to 3 -4 weeks in the fridge.

Apple cider ( Scrumpy style)

Purchase 2 of cloudy apple juice in the PETE bottle (preservative free, unrefrigerated.) Method as above for sparkling grape. This one stays cloudy.


Detailed Instructions.

Step 1: Selection of Juice.

Juice for fermentation must be preservative free.

The best juices for this process are: Apple (clear or cloudy), Grape,(dark or white), Noni, Black currant,  Cranberry, Kiwifruit, Peach, Pear, Mango, Guava, Strawberry, and any combination of these.

Avoid pure citrus and pineapple as these tend to sour during fermentation. However, when these juices are present as 50% or less of mixed juices, good results may be achieved.

Otherwise, citrus may be brewed by a second method: see section on whole fruit.

Some heavy juices are best diluted with water. Also note that some of the stone fruits, particularly apricot, when used in pure form, have a tendency to aggregate, or clump together; quite harmless, but looks weird. )

Suitable juice may be purchased in PETE  bottles, in cans, in glass bottles and tetra packs, or " brick" packs.

When you are starting off, only purchase juice in the long-life or not refrigerated form. Such juice has usually been pasteurised and you can be sure that the only yeast present is that which you add, and the Oztop will keep the bottle sealed against any stray micro-organisms entering during fermentation and use.

Fresh juices sold in refrigerated form may be used, but the results can be more variable, as these products may contain wild yeasts and other spoilage organisms. The same applies to juice you squeeze yourself.

Step 2: Selection of bottles.

Warning: do not use Oztops on glass bottles.

Two general classes of bottle are suitable:

Class 1: 1, 2 and 3 litre clear PETE  long life juice bottles. These are for use with the low pressure Oztops and allow you to brew in the juice bottle itself., (makes low-medium fizz drinks).

Class 2: Any size PETE carbonated soft drink bottle. For use with the medium and high.


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